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Material typing by automated SEM-EDS

«Uncover the sources of contamination»

The origin of the residual dirt particles can be determined precisely by means of material typing.
Thus, you are able to purge the sources of contamination from the production process.

Automated SEM-EDS instruments classify the particle material rapidly











Example: SiO2 abrasives




How it works


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SEM image and EDS spectrum of Silicon dioxide abrasives


With SEM-EDS, size and
material of the residual
contamination particles
can be determined in
a single step.

As the electron beam is
very fine focussed, even
the smallest particles
below 1 µm are easily
detected and measured
with highest spacial

The knowledge that is
acquired on the particle
material composition by
EDS allows to determine
the possible sources of


The electron beam scans
over the filter. The particles
are detected by the electrons
that are back-scattered from
the surface.

As soon as a particle feature
is recognised, the size will be
measured by SEM. At the
same time, the spectrum of
the characteristic X-rays will
be recorded. From this data,
the elemental composition
of the particle is computed
automatically (EDS).

After that, the material is
classified by matching with
a database of reference


Download example
analysis as PDF
(80 kB)  ExampleAnalysis.pdf

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instruments made by
Aspex dedicated for
automated particle
analysis.  Aspex

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