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«Fine analytical instruments and methods»

Analytical test equipment helps to control and optimise the manufacturing process.

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FEI-ASPEX analytical electron microscopes



What is it and how much is it? Aspex SEM-EDS





  • combined structure and material characterisation
  • automated analysis of gunshot residue, contaminant
    particles, steel inclusions, etc.


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KUBTEC digital X-Ray instruments



High quality radiography images in seconds KUBTEC digital x-ray imaging





  • compact cabinet systems, modular concept
  • Analysis of biopsies from clinical mammography,
    pathology, inspection of technical components, etc.


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MICROQUICK, ultra-fast particle scanning



The simple way in process control MicroQuick particle scanner





  • our in-house development for cleanliness analysis
  • counting and sizing of particles on a filter membrane
    compliant to VDA-19 within two minutes


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The beginning of any analysis is proper preparation South Bay Tech





  • systems and equipment for sample preparation,
    metallography and failure analysis
  • sawing, lapping, thinning, sputtering, etc.


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SAI MiniSIMS table top instruments



True surface and trace analysis on your desktop SAI MiniSIMS-TOF/-QP





  • compact secondary ion mass spectrometer
  • easy-to-handle analysis equipment for surfaces,
    thin layers, light elements and organics


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BRUKER X-Ray microtomography



See inside your sample and get insight SkysSan Micro-CT/Nano-CT





  • non-destructive 2D/3D imaging of internal structures
    by the use of micro and nanotomography
  • polymers, composites, ICs, biomedical, in-vivo, etc.


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NANOPHOTON Raman microscopy



Rapid confocal chemical imaging Nanophoton Raman microscopy





  • analysis of molecules and chemical compositions
    combined with imaging and profiling
  • pharmaceuticals, biology, polymers, batteries, etc.


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Clever solutions for particle extraction



How contaminants are extracted from parts particle extraction





  • MicroEx, MicroStrip, MicroWipe, MicroFix
  • methods from our lab practice: rinsing, filtering,
    stripping, wiping and fixing of particles


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EDS X-Ray detectors from SGX SENSORTECH



Cost-effective systems without liquid nitrogen SGX Sensortech EDX-Systeme





  • small detector for X-ray element analysis with high
    count rate, operated without liquid nitrogen
  • suitable for any SEM, TEM or XRF


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