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Our main activities






Particle analysis: automated counting, sizing
and chemical typing
  SEM-EDS particle analysis


  • technical cleanliness of components in compliance with
    VDA-19, ISO-16232 and customer specific directives  component cleanliness
  • purity of oils, lubricants and hydraulic liquids according
    to ISO-4405/-4406/-4407 regulations
  • particle contamination of rinsing media, ambient
    air, compressed air and gases
  • analysis of non-ferrous steel inclusions
  • characterisation of technical powders



Manual SEM-EDS analysis: characterisation
of structures and materials


  • examination of failure, degradation, wear-out
    and corrosion of components
  • investigation of the origin of particles and swarfs
    that cause failure
  • characterisation of coatings, layers and lacquer
  • surface analysis
  • material determination



X-ray microtomography: visualising the
inner structure of samples


  • homogeneity and microstructure of canvas, foams,
    fibre and composite materials made from polymer,
    mineral, metal, paper and wood
  • cavities and inclusions in building materials,
    plastic parts and diamonds
  • packaging and bonding of electronic components
    and ICs, structure of functional layers
  • internal structure of bones and vitals, tablets and other
    pharmaceuticals, small organisms and seeds
  • true 3D sizing of particle for technical cleanliness
    analysis  particle sizing in 3D



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Our accreditation




Since May 2006, our laboratory is accredited according
to ISO/IEC-17025. We are pleased to send out a copy
of the accreditation certificate on your request.




Unsere Akkreditierung



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MicroVideo: cleanliness testing in practice








View video in original size and duration  Cleanliness analysis on video


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  • sample delivery per mail
  • analysis report per e-mail, on paper if required
  • support for interpretation of results
  • sample return per mail


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